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December 23, 2006

Festivus just isn’t the same this year for self-professed “Seinfeld” fanatic Gov. Jim Doyle.

In fact, Doyle said he won’t be recognizing the made-up holiday after Michael Richards, aka Kramer, unleashed a string of racial slurs at black patrons during a recent comedy club appearance.

“Probably like a lot of people, I’m still sorting out my feelings about it all,” Doyle said Friday. “It’s pretty hard for me to watch the show right now.”

Kramer was just one character on the show. Jim Doyle seems hypersensitive.

Doyle’s “Seinfeld” obsession has caught some people around the Capitol off guard.

In a contentious meeting with Republican legislative leaders in January 2005, Doyle quipped, “What is this, Festivus?” A central part of that holiday is the “airing of the grievances.”

Then-Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, later acknowledged he didn’t get the joke.

Since then, Schultz’s staff and other lawmakers have been known to throw “Seinfeld” quips back at the governor. Schultz said at the Republican Party convention last year, “Turns out that Doyle’s a ‘Seinfeld’ fan. Fitting that a ‘Show about Nothing’ would be liked by a ‘Governor about Nothing.'”

Dale Schultz’s comment seems a little bit mean and ridiculous.

Constitutional rights at airports

October 29, 2006

General Mitchell International Airport
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

He grabbed the baggie as it came out of the X-ray and asked if it was mine. After responding yes, he pointed at my comment and demanded to know “What is this supposed to mean?” “It could me a lot of things, it happens to be an opinion on mine.” “You can’t write things like this” he said, “You mean my First Amendment right to freedom of speech doesn’t apply here?” “Out there (pointing pass the id checkers) not while in here (pointing down) was his response.”

After he had finished I started to remind him he had left out his statement that my First Amendment rights didn’t apply “here” but was cut off by the deputy who demanding my ID.

I explained to her who Kip Hawley was, why I though he was an idiot, and my surprise that the TSA Supervisor felt my First Amendment rights didn’t’ apply at the TSA checkpoint.

After he was assured I didn’t have any warrants out the first office came back and I had my first chance to really speak, I explained that I was just expressing my opinion and my writing should be protected my by First Amendment rights. When he didn’t respond, I then repeated that the TSA Supervisor stated my First Amendment rights didn’t apply at the TSA check point and I asked if he (the deputy) agreed that was the case. He responded by saying “You can’t yell fire in a crowed theater, there are limits to your rights.

At this point I chucked again

I asked how this was even remotely like shouting “Fire” in a crowd, and his answer was “Perhaps your comments made them feel threatened.”

“My level of frustration with the TSA and their idiotic policies has grown over 2 ½ years,” he said. “I’m frustrated that poorly trained TSA people can pull random passengers out of line and pat them down like common criminals. The average traveler has no recourse.”

She said the man was “a little combative” and that a law enforcement officer came over, briefly interviewed him and determined that he hadn’t broken any laws.

There is no indication that he was combative, she said.

TSA employees

October 15, 2006

But officials eventually recovered $235 after the screener’s co-worker told authorities he saw her storing items behind a magazine rack.

The screener, who is based in Milwaukee, has been working for TSA for 4 years, authorities said.