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missing Oregon climbers

December 18, 2006

I’m not trying to “blame the victim”, I am just looking for some news honesty. For days now, news people have been implying that the missing Oregon climbers were something like experts and professionals.

One of the three climbers, Kelly James, has now been found on Mount Hood in Oregon. He was found dead and had a ring with his initials on it.

I think that if Kelly James was wearing a metal ring during an extreme winter climbing expedition, that may have been irresponsible. It can get cold, it could lessen circulation, it adds a tiny amount of weight, it could be a minor distraction if handling ropes and ice axes.

Idea for future mountain climbers: ditch the jewelry and instead, bring a better cellphone, or a cellphone antenna, or a satellite phone, or an EPIRB, or flares, or a colored smoke signaling device, or a signaling mirror, maybe a good whistle. There are many devices that can be used to contact potential rescuers, some of them are expensive, and some of them are less costly.

Was hurricane Katrina good for the US economy?

November 15, 2006

Before, during, and primarily after hurricane Katrina, there was lots of shopping, manufacturing, travel, construction, communication, living, dying, mourning, and celebrating going on.

Are bulldozer drivers and contractors in Mississippi and Louisiana getting rich now? Does that make them hurricane profiteers?

election day weather modification

November 8, 2006

In the future, will candidates, political parties, individuals, government agencies, or organizations pay companies to seed clouds so that it will rain or snow on certain areas during election day?

Imagine that you are the incumbent candidate, and you know that you are likely to win the election if only that big dark cloud above your town would just let loose. Would you light the fuse to launch the rain rocket?