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Atlanta airport

October 29, 2006

Hawley said TSA screeners are given tests around the clock to check their alertness. Images of bombs and other suspicious devices that are hard to detect are put up on the X-ray machine, followed after a brief delay by an alert that reads, “This is a test.”

After reviewing a tape of the images, Hawley said the software failed to alert the screener of the test.

The airport’s general manager, Ben DeCosta, said he was not satisfied with the way passengers were notified of the incident.

Budapest, Hungary police

October 29, 2006

This is supposedly a video of riot police beating some guy in Budapest, Hungary.

This news story may be related:

More than 20 people have been injured in anti-government protests in Budapest today, marring commemorations of the 50th anniversary of Hungary’s uprising against Soviet rule.

As police pushed the crowd of mostly far-right protesters back from the Hungarian parliament, demonstrators seized a Soviet-era T-34 tank – on show for the commemorations – and drove it at police.

“The whole crowd started cheering. The police started firing teargas, then the tank stopped,” Reuters cameraman Fedja Grulovic said.

Delegations from at least 56 countries were in Budapest for the commemorations, including the Nato secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, and the Spanish king, Juan Carlos.,,1929653,00.html

TSA employees

October 15, 2006

But officials eventually recovered $235 after the screener’s co-worker told authorities he saw her storing items behind a magazine rack.

The screener, who is based in Milwaukee, has been working for TSA for 4 years, authorities said.