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Texas jail staffing requirements

April 6, 2007

The county has hired about half of 200 new jail guard positions that were recently approved, in an attempt to meet the state’s minimum staffing requirement of one guard for every 48 inmates.

why public executions might be dangerous

January 4, 2007

Multan – A young boy who tried to copy hanging scenes from the execution video of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein died in central Pakistan, said police on Monday.

Mubashar Ali, 9, hanged himself, while re-enacting Hussein’s hanging with the help of elder sister, 10, after tying a rope to a ceiling fan and his neck in his home in Rahim Yar Khan district on Sunday, said a local police official.,9294,2-10-1462_2050341,00.html

Kolkata, India – A 15-year-old girl from eastern India hanged herself in response to the execution of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, police and family members said on Thursday.

“She said they had hanged a patriot. We didn’t take her seriously when she told us that she wanted to feel the pain Saddam did during the execution,” the girl’s father, Manmohan Karmakar, told AFP by phone from the town of Kharda.

He said his daughter, called Moon Moon, had become extremely depressed after watching Saddam’s execution on television.,,2-10-1462_2051037,00.html

Police and family members said a 10-year-old boy who died by hanging himself from a bunk bed was apparently mimicking the execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Sergio Pelico was found dead Sunday in his apartment bedroom in the Houston-area city of Webster, said Webster police Lt. Tom Claunch. Pelico’s mother told police he had previously watched a news report on Saddam’s death.

a Texas sex offender blogs

December 10, 2006

Here’s a link to the blog of someone claiming to be classified as a sex offender in Dallas County and Tarrant County in Texas.

In his first post (Monday, October 23, 2006) he somewhat implies that he is not actually a sex offender, but was a 22 year old male who was interested in engaging in sexual activities with someone who sounded like a 40 year old woman.

1995 Austin Police incident

December 10, 2006

In one of the most bizarre twists to this tale, Officer Roy Henry, according to witnesses perhaps the only black officer on the scene, was attempting to help two maced and injured women away from the house when a white cop approached and maced him square in the face. Henry was later treated at Brackenridge hospital, along with several of the children.