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DeKalb County, Georgia

October 28, 2006

She is suing DeKalb County, the chief of the county police department, and the officer who pulled her over on March 10 and issued her a $100 ticket for having a “lewd decal.”

Three weeks later, the ticket was dismissed because the “lewd decal” statute had been ruled unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1991.

I think that “I’m tired of all the Bushit” is not a good saying for a bumper sticker or anywhere else, and I am not sure if it was actually “lewd” or not, but if the law was still on the books, then I think that the police officer was correct by citing her.

Athens, Georgia police

October 27, 2006

Last year, she says her 20-year-old son was pulled over in Athens, Georgia, for having a bumpersticker that said, “Bush sucks. Dick Cheney too.”She says the police officer told her son, “If you do not remove the bumpersticker, I’m taking you to jail.”