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JCPenney sale advertisements

February 9, 2007

JCPenney sometimes advertises that they are having/offering “door-buster” sales or deals.

Is that a good idea; having potential customers thinking about stampeding shoppers breaking down a store door?

maybe save $2,300 by shopping at Wal-Mart?

December 17, 2006

One study, by the economic consulting firm Global Insight, calculates that Wal-Mart saves American households an average of $2,300 a year through lower prices, or a $263 billion reduction in the cost of living.

Of course, you could save the most money by buying less stuff.

Wal-Mart versus unions

December 17, 2006

Some former Wal-Mart managers say the hardball tactics are standard company policy. Jon M. Lehman says he left Wal-Mart on good terms last fall after 17 years as a store manager but now works for the UFCW. He recounts how he called a Bentonville hotline in 1997 after finding a flyer that said: “This store needs a union” in a bathroom at the store he managed in Hillview, Ky.

The response was a mini version of what occurred in Las Vegas four years later. Three labor experts swooped in from Arkansas to show anti-union videos at mandatory employee meetings, says Lehman, and scoured personnel files for dirt to use against union supporters. The labor experts grilled him and other Hillview managers about potential troublemakers, and the store trained surveillance cameras on suspect workers, he says. Now, as a union organizer, he recently noticed that a store in Scottsburg, Ind., sprouted a multitude of cameras after he began talking to workers there in July. Wal-Mart declined comment on Lehman, although a spokesman says that the 15 cameras installed in Scottsburg have “nothing to do with union activity.”

Wow, one piece of paper and one phone call seemingly caused Wal-Mart to spend thousands of dollars.

400 dollars per square foot?

December 17, 2006

Richardson said it would be a good move for Wal-Mart to shut down its fabric departments as the company usually expects its stores’ to generate $400 in sales per square foot, and fabrics generate only $100 per square foot, she said.

Maybe they could try making the fabric areas more male friendly and pulling them out of distant store corners.

minor verbal discrimination at Wal-Mart

December 11, 2006

If you are in a Wal-Mart store that closes at night instead of being open all hours, you may hear an employee using the store sound system to say a closing script that includes something like “drive safely”.

Why does Wal-Mart seemingly assume that all of its customers will be driving an automobile instead of bicycling, walking, wheelchairing, being a passenger in a automobile, or using another form of transportation?

Wal-Mart needs to realize that not all of its customers drive automobiles. Some of its customers are unable to afford automobiles, choose not to drive, or are unable to drive due to medical conditions.

store employees guessing race and religion of customers?

November 18, 2006

As at Wal-Mart, Macy’s employees are encouraged to consider wishing customers holiday greetings that are appropriate to their race or religion, including Happy Kwanzaa or Feliz Navidad.


October 21, 2006

Wal-Mart workers called deputies after a blood-soaked man came in the store and bought some clothes, bandages and trash bags about 4 a.m.

Ford / Lincoln / Mercury

October 16, 2006

Your current national radio ad campaign makes you sound desperate, which will make some or many people not want to buy things or services from you; and it doesn’t sound good.

how YouTube stole Christmas

October 15, 2006

The T.M.X. Elmo by Fisher Price is boring; smart people won’t buy it:

Hillary Swank’s new stank

October 13, 2006

A company that I had never heard of before, Guerlain, has a new perfume out called Insolence.

INSOLENCE is the sparkle in the eye of a care-free spirit; a fearless smile, a silence that expresses many thoughts. It is a casual grace, an ironic elegance.

It is panache, verve and spirit; it is the new Guerlain feminine fragrance: INSOLENCE

I am guessing that men may be the primary purchasers of women’s perfume; but do men like Hillary Swank? I don’t; I know no one who likes Hillary Swank.

lower quality film: