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Volker Beck hit in Russia

June 5, 2007

this is old news to some, but I have just found out about it…

Police then hustled away others, including German parliament member Volker Beck, as opponents threw eggs and shouted: “Moscow is not Sodom!”

A total of 31 people were detained and most were later released, Moscow police spokesman Yevgeny Gildeyev said. He said two Italians were detained for jaywalking and a German was taken away by police to prevent him from being beaten.

But Beck, who was later released, told The Associated Press police beat him and the others and seized their passports. Beck also denied the group was holding a demonstration, insisting they were only trying to hand over the letter.

“I was attacked,” Beck told German television. “It was a stone and a fist. It shows we’re not safe in this country. The security forces did not protect us but instead prevented us from retreating. We were left without any protection.”


Condoleezza Rice

June 2, 2007

“We want Russia to be strong, but strong in 21st century terms.”

“Democratic institutions and an open society are not a source of weakness,” Rice said. “Nor is freedom of speech and freedom of the press just a nuisance.”

“I think the question isn’t why won’t we talk to Tehran,” she said. “The question is why doesn’t Tehran want to talk to us.”