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“If you are underage, you are going to drink”

December 22, 2006

Alber’s mother, Robynne, said her son only ordered a hamburger and was humiliated in front of his parents and their friends, she wrote in a letter filed with the commission. After Alber’s mother protested, she too was asked to leave.

Dan Puerini, POP’s owner, said he won’t stop his 21-and-over policy. He said the rule is part of the restaurant’s attempt to enforce liquor laws.

“If you are underage, you are going to drink,” he said. “It’s impossible to keep track of minors in a bar where it’s like POP and its jampacked.”

Is he implying that all people under age 21 are going to drink alcohol?

Would Rhode Island law require restaurant employees to monitor all people inside that are under age 21 at all times, or just people when they are attempting to buy alcohol?

When Dan Puerini was 19, he borrowed some start-up cash from his mom and opened a restaurant. He had never trained to cook professionally, but he liked the kitchen and loved cooking.

Hmmm. 19 years old. Maybe laws were different back then.

But restaurant owner Dan Puerini says his policy is designed to prevent underaged drinking. Without the policy, he says his staff might accidentally serve alcohol to a minor on a busy night.

Rhode Island grand jury testimony

December 22, 2006

Attorney General Patrick Lynch said in a statement that he might release the transcripts by the end of January. It will take time to black out certain personal information, he said.

Though grand jury testimony is normally secret, Superior Court Presiding Justice Joseph Rodgers Jr. said “unique circumstances” merit its release.

The attorney general’s office petitioned Rodgers for permission to release the grand jury transcripts.

At a hearing last week, opponents said that grand jury witnesses need to speak without fear of retaliation, and that releasing the testimony could tarnish the reputation of anyone exonerated or never charged.

But the judge said the list of witnesses has already been made public and that no one who appeared before the grand jury has formally objected.

What is a formal objection?,,-6297134,00.html