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nuclear reactor fuel

December 22, 2006

Currently, there are eight operating fuel manufacturing facilities in the country that are involved with making nuclear reactor fuel from uranium. These are: Honeywell International, Inc. in Metropolis, Illinois; Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Paducah, Kentucky; Framatome ANP in Lynchburg, Virginia; BWX Technologies, Inc. in Lynchburg,Virginia; Global Nuclear Fuels in Wilmington, North Carolina; Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin, Tennessee; Framatome ANP in Richland, Washington; and Westinghouse Electric Company in Columbia, South Carolina.

when space vehicles crash

December 7, 2006

Some people do not like NASA because they think that much of what they do is not a wise use of taxpayer money.

Other people do not like NASA because they think that if a space shuttle or a space rocket were to explode or leak or whatever, dangerous/deadly chemicals and/or nuclear material could be released.