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happy holidays from Bork

December 11, 2006

On the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, some people start using the phrase “merry Christmas”. Some of them pretend to get upset if people use the phrase “happy holidays”. Sometimes such people do not know much about religion, history, or cultures other than their own.

In the United States, Christmas has become a holiday primarily consisting of friends, family, shopping, food, lights, decorations, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, music, movies, and a little bit of religious stuff.
It is celebrated by people who are Christians, non-Christians, and pseudo-Christians.

Some people say that Kwanzaa is a fake holiday. They say that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are the only “real” holidays around this time of the year. I disagree with them. I think that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fake holidays. Thanks to the Wikipedians and others for the research that I used to create this list of holidays. I might edit the list below later; it is not completely thorough or accurate yet.

*Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving Day (Canada): the second Monday in October

*Harvest Moon: the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox

*Harvest Festival / Harvest Home / Harvest Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving: the Sunday near the Harvest Moon

*National Day of Mourning: the third Thursday of November ?

*Thanksgiving / Thanksgiving Day (United States): the fourth Thursday of November

*Buy Nothing Day: the day after the US Thanksgiving

*Erntedank: in November ?

*Chrismukkah: usually in December

*Purim: usually during Winter

*Hanukkah / Chanukah / the Festival of Lights / the Festival of Rededication: an 8 day period in November, December, and/or January

*the secret rites of Bona Dea: December 4

*Sinterklaas / Sint Nikolaas / Saint Nicolas’ eve: December 5 or 6

*Pakjesavond / evening of packages: December 5

*Pearl Harbor Day: December 7

*the festival of Las Posadas / Posadas: December 16 to December 24

*Saturnalia: December 17 or December 17 up to December 23

*Zagmuk: a twelve day festival ending around December 21 or 22 ?

*Winter Solstice / Yalda / Korochun / Karachun / Kracun: December 20 or 21

*Soyal: December 21

*the festival of the birth of the Unconquered Sun / Dies Natalis Solis Invicti: after Winter Solstice

*Dongzhi: December 21 or 21 until January 5 or 6

*HumanLight: December 23

*Festivus: December 23

*Night of the Radishes / Noche de Rabanos: December 23

*Winterval: all festivities taking place around the middle of Winter

*Noche Buena / Holy Night: December 24

*Christmas Eve: December 24

*Christmas / Christmas Day: December 25

*Christmas Sunday: the Sunday that is near December 25

*Jewish Christmas: December 25

*Grav-mass: December 25

*Twelve Holy Days / the Twelve Days of Christmas: the period from December 26 to January 6

*Brumalia: December 25 or November 24 to December 25

*Christmastide: December 25 to January 5

*Boxing Week: usually includes days in the last week of December and the first week in January

*Boxing Day: December 26 or December 27

*Saint Stephen’s Day / the Feast of St Stephen / the first day of Christmas: December 26 or December 27

*Hogmanay: usually December 31 to January 1 or 2

*Silvester: December 31

*New Year’s Eve: December 31

*New Year’s Day: January 1

*Handsel Monday: the first Monday of the year

*Twelfth Night: January 5 or January 6

*Twelfth Day / the twelfth day of Christmas: January 6

*Epiphany / Little Christmas / Nollaig Bheag / Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Christmas): January 6

*the Baptism of the Lord / the Baptism of Christ: usually in the first or second week of January

*Distaff Day / Roc Day: January 7

*Agonalia / Agonia: January 9 (and a few other days throughout the year)

*Auld Hansel Monday: usually the first Monday after January 12

*Old New Year: January 13 or 14

*Chinese New Year / Spring Festival / Lunar New Year : a fifteen day festival beginning on January 29, 2006, February 18, 2007 and other days in the future

*Lantern Festival / Shang Yuan Festival: the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year celebration

*Candlemas / Purification of the Virgin: February 2

*Presentation of the Lord / the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple: February 2