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1988: North Augusta police versus James Brown

April 8, 2007

“A North Augusta [S.C.] policeman then shot and hit Brown’s truck at least eight times and another North Augusta policeman shot approximately nine times at the tires and hood. Other shots were also fired. Brown later counted the bullet holes in his truck and these totalled twenty three. Two of these shots hit the gas tank and the tires were flat.

real bomb detection possibly hindered?

December 10, 2006

Huntington Beach police have stopped hiding guns in cars of people they pull over — a way to test how rookie officers search a suspect’s vehicle — because “it’s probably not the way we should be operating,” a department spokesman said Tuesday.,1,949618.story

It seems like that practice could possibly leave gunpowder residue behind which bomb sniffing dogs or other such detection methods could later pick up on. Maybe there are now dozens or hundreds of vehicles in the Huntington Beach area and other places with gunpowder residue in them or on them.

why call it ‘Armed and Famous’?

December 6, 2006

CBS is making a television show called ‘Armed and Famous’ about celebrities joining the police department of Muncie, Indiana.

Why didn’t CBS choose a name like Celebrity Cops or something? Armed implies that it is a show about firearms; but isn’t police work these days mainly about driving, communicating, and paperwork?

I guess seeing La Toya firing a pistol would be more interesting than watching her fill out a form or transport a shoplifter.

I think that the overall crime rate in Muncie will go up because of the show. People will do goofy things so that their vandalism or whatever will be on the show.

I don’t consider policing to be a super dangerous job, but if any of the celebrities get injured, then CBS will make more money. Television is about eyeballs and more eyeballs equals more money.