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1988: North Augusta police versus James Brown

April 8, 2007

“A North Augusta [S.C.] policeman then shot and hit Brown’s truck at least eight times and another North Augusta policeman shot approximately nine times at the tires and hood. Other shots were also fired. Brown later counted the bullet holes in his truck and these totalled twenty three. Two of these shots hit the gas tank and the tires were flat.

Atlanta airport

October 29, 2006

Hawley said TSA screeners are given tests around the clock to check their alertness. Images of bombs and other suspicious devices that are hard to detect are put up on the X-ray machine, followed after a brief delay by an alert that reads, “This is a test.”

After reviewing a tape of the images, Hawley said the software failed to alert the screener of the test.

The airport’s general manager, Ben DeCosta, said he was not satisfied with the way passengers were notified of the incident.

Air Serv webpage

October 29, 2006

I found the text below on

It was very light gray text on a white background. That could be an attempt at what is known as spamdexing or search engine spamming.

Air Serv might work for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Air Serv , aka Air Serv Corporation is an international aviation service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Air Serv delivers innovative, dependable airline service solutions to the aviation industry. Air Serv offers various services, such as skycap, baggage handling, ticket verification, wheelchair services, lobby management, unaccompanied minor, twov, electric cart drivers, ramp screening, door guarding, customer service, document control, cargo handling, airport shuttle, employee shuttle, crew transport, fixed route, paratransit, cabin cleaning, LAV / Water Services, Ground Support Equipment, Ground Handling, Into-plane Feuling or just feuling. Air Serv, aka Air Serv Corporation is located in Atlanta. Frank Argenbright , Founder, Air Serv.

Maybe someone should report this to their Compliance Hotline. Apparently, none of the nearly 5,000 Air Serv employees have done so yet.

DeKalb County, Georgia

October 28, 2006

She is suing DeKalb County, the chief of the county police department, and the officer who pulled her over on March 10 and issued her a $100 ticket for having a “lewd decal.”

Three weeks later, the ticket was dismissed because the “lewd decal” statute had been ruled unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court in 1991.

I think that “I’m tired of all the Bushit” is not a good saying for a bumper sticker or anywhere else, and I am not sure if it was actually “lewd” or not, but if the law was still on the books, then I think that the police officer was correct by citing her.

Athens, Georgia police

October 27, 2006

Last year, she says her 20-year-old son was pulled over in Athens, Georgia, for having a bumpersticker that said, “Bush sucks. Dick Cheney too.”She says the police officer told her son, “If you do not remove the bumpersticker, I’m taking you to jail.”

Dekalb County Police Department

October 27, 2006

The Dekalb County Police Department would not discuss the facts of the case.

“We don’t comment on other officers’ tickets,” says Officer Herschel Grangent, who handles media affairs. “That officer is making his decision on the street. And it’s going through legal channels now.”