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American health care

December 17, 2006

At the press conference, DeStefano spoke of how major employers have passed nearly $20 million a year of health care costs for their employees onto the backs of state taxpayers, because their employers turn to the state government’s HUSKY program. The campaign listed the top four offenders, based on 2004 figures:

• Wal-Mart: 824 workers costing $5.6 million from HUSKY

• Stop N Shop: 741 workers costing $5.1 million

• Dunkin Donuts: 530 workers, $3.6 million

• McDonald’s: 460 workers, $3.1 million.

DeStefano’s universal health care plan would force major employers to offer a minimally acceptable health care plan for their workers or sacrifice all state tax breaks.

Maybe Connecticut should dump the HUSKY program and state tax breaks. Why should governments and companies pay for people’s health care? Americans would probably be healthier and would live longer if they were responsible for their own health care costs.

If you eat grease all day and jump off roofs all night for fun, why should I have to pay for your surgery?