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my SuperBowl 41 rant

February 7, 2007

From what I saw of SuperBowl 41 a few days ago, it was mostly disappointing/boring.

American taxpayer money was transferred in the millions or billions to support this event.

By the way, the NFL seems to be a pro-war, Republican company.

At the start, football player Muhsin Muhammad seemingly got booed because people in the stadium may dislike people with Islamic or Muslim sounding names, even though he is not one. (UPDATE: see comments below)

Billy Joel did the National Anthem thing poorly, and he looked funny. Looks generally shouldn’t matter, but this is television.

Prince did the half-time show and it was boring and not good, no matter how sexy some women think that he is. The temporary? grandma-style head covering was interesting. The two woman dancers were somewhat goofy or some word like that. I do not understand how the selected fans that they let surround his stage were acting so excited.

Except for the first touchdown, the game consisted of rain due to no roof/not cloud seeding?, not a lot of action, a few players were looking gaunt, multiple instances of minor game rules being decided upon, seemingly unnecessary timeouts, and the Colts trying to use up the remaining time clock minutes by engaging in non-exciting no throw plays.

Then two players vandalized the famously “black” / “African-American” coach before the game was even over with liquid beverage.

I did not see all of the commercials, but from what I did see, there was nothing too special this year. Coca-Cola and Frito Lay? did some pandering commercials or something to “black” people so that they would buy their food. Some commercials were shown twice and/or were regular, non-SuperBowl commercials that I had seen before. CBS ran an excessive amount of commercials advertising their shows, some of which most people have never heard of before. CBS was also running somewhat desperate seeming time filler ads saying how great and popular they are as a network or company and also had Katie Couric, whom I do not like. Budweiser showed that they have money to spend on advertising, and that made them look good as a company.

Coach Tony Dungy could have been more humble.

I do not blame the National Football League for those somewhat wasted hours, but I do blame CBS. For some reason, I think that FOX would have done a better job.

Did I miss anything? Note that I was busy/eating and I did not watch the entire thing.

This guy thinks the game was boring also:

why call it ‘Armed and Famous’?

December 6, 2006

CBS is making a television show called ‘Armed and Famous’ about celebrities joining the police department of Muncie, Indiana.

Why didn’t CBS choose a name like Celebrity Cops or something? Armed implies that it is a show about firearms; but isn’t police work these days mainly about driving, communicating, and paperwork?

I guess seeing La Toya firing a pistol would be more interesting than watching her fill out a form or transport a shoplifter.

I think that the overall crime rate in Muncie will go up because of the show. People will do goofy things so that their vandalism or whatever will be on the show.

I don’t consider policing to be a super dangerous job, but if any of the celebrities get injured, then CBS will make more money. Television is about eyeballs and more eyeballs equals more money.