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‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ versus Rush Limbaugh and libertarians

January 6, 2007

go to
click on Meet the Townsfolk and use the arrows to get to Fred Tupper. Here is the text:

Fred Tupper, a local in his forties, is the town of Mercy’s own Rush Limbaugh. Fred uses his daily radio talk show, ‘Wake-up People’, to fuel people’s suspicions about the growing Muslim community. If accused of intolerance, Fred would claim he only says things people don’t like to hear. No one would disagree with that! Fred describes himself a textbook libertarian: like most bigots. In person, Fred’s polite, and has a rough charm. Fatima (who Fred has a crush on) finds him extremely resistible.

*Rush Limbaugh is not in his forties, he does not have a daily show, and he is not a libertarian

*Fred Tupper looks different than Rush Limbaugh does

*most bigots are not textbook libertarians, and most textbook libertarians are not bigots

The show does look like it is worth watching, though. Maybe Canadian television is better than American television.

1985: US Coast Guard accused of trespassing

December 23, 2006

USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB 11)

The Council of Canadians was born later that summer and we quickly made our presence known. When the American icebreaker Polar Sea sailed without permission through Canadian waters, Council members dropped a Canadian flag onto its deck.

But the most direct challenge to Canada’s sovereignty in Arctic waters came in 1985, when the U.S. sent its icebreaker Polar Sea through the Northwest Passage without informing Canada or asking permission. The political skirmish that followed led to the 1988 Arctic Co-operation Agreement between the two countries. Boiled down to its essence, the agreement said the U.S. would not send any more icebreakers through the passage without Canada’s consent, and Canada would always give that consent. The wider issue of whether Canada’s Arctic waters were internal or international was left unresolved.


Rona Ambrose is not “hot”

December 22, 2006

Rona Ambrose is the Minister of the Environment in Canada.

She is not “hot”; however, the pictures below are nice. These are the best photographs of her that I have found so far. The other few that I have found are not very good.

There are some slight similarities to the look of Monica Lewinsky.



1969: sonic boom breaks windows

December 20, 2006

It’s a clear August day in Kelowna, B.C. The International Regatta is on, and people are getting ready for the parade. Overhead, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels aerobatic team perform a graceful diamond vertical manoeuvre. And then… BOOM!

With a deafening crash, hundreds of windows suddenly shatter, spraying glass throughout an eight-block section of downtown Kelowna.

prison attorney access

December 20, 2006

Miller attempted to interview Wolf on Aug. 5 at the federal detention facility in Dublin but was turned away by guards.

Wolf’s attorney, Jose Luis Fuentes, said jail officials also blocked him from seeing his client until Aug. 5.

Officials at the correctional facility said attorneys are allowed in seven days a week, as well as inmates’ immediate family.

He doesn’t know why Wolf’s attorney would have been turned away.

Canadian massage parlor raids

December 11, 2006

Police carried out a series of raids on 18 Vancouver-area massage parlours on Thursday and made 108 arrests, but many of those businesses were open for business as usual on Saturday.

But so far, no charges have been laid. Police have released the 108 people they arrested.

An interesting policing situation in Canada; it seems like a bunch of people were arrested, but no criminals were detected, and seemingly, no human trafficking victims were found (unless they were too scared to admit that they were kidnapped).


October 31, 2006

Try looking at both sides of the argument before bashing our nations companies and governments. If you don’t agree with the war, then protest the war or move to Canada. Don’t be hippocritical and make a documentary, wildly profitting from ridiculing companies, CEOs, and the US government. Also, don’t complain when there is a proliferation of attacks on the US and innocent people around the world.