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Bush’s slightly disgraceful political opportunism

April 17, 2007

I disagree with the choice of President Bush and/or his advisers to go make a speech and push himself and the religion of himself or his speech writer(s) on the audience.

UPDATES: (posted after the two comments below were made)

This is the man who hasn’t attended one serviceman’s funeral, but he certainly uses the living ones as political photo-op fodder at every manufactured event he can think up.

On the day of the massacre he had the colossal nerve to say that he and Laura will pray for the victims and their families as will some Americans.

Tell us, George. Who are the “some” Americans who won’t pray for them. The Catholics? The Jews? The Buddists? The Islamists? Or will the only one sending out prayers be the ones who march to your religious views.

It seemed unbecoming, almost, to see US President George W Bush addressing the memorial service at Virginia Tech by decrying violence; and yet he himself is a proponent of the use of violence as a measure to ’solve issues’. Case in point – the US offer to use ‘a display of might’ on Iran during the recent British hostage crisis.