Jesus loves Osama

A sign saying “Jesus Loves Osama” outside some churches in Australia drew criticism from the prime minister and religious leaders on Thursday, though they conceded it was probably true according to Christian beliefs.

4 Responses to “Jesus loves Osama”

  1. storbakken Says:

    i see you’re a fan of Charles Norris! hi-ya, yo!

  2. bork Says:

    Carlos Ray Norris?

  3. storbakken Says:

    excuse me. Carlos Ray Norris. Thank you for the clarification.

  4. bork Says:

    Well, I had no idea either until I looked it up.
    I thought Charles Norris was some Australian politician or something.

    Oh, I get it now, my profile picture or whatever, yes I had forgotten that Chuck was on there.

    “hi-ya, yo!” indeed

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