Seung Cho as killer, not as Korean killer

The Asian American Journalists Association has issued a statement calling on the media to avoid references to the race of Cho Seung-Hui, the student who killed 33 people at the Virginia Tech campus yesterday.

“There is no evidence at this early point that the race or ethnicity of the suspected gunman has anything to do with the incident, and to include such mention serves only to unfairly portray an entire people,” the journalists’ group said in a statement. “The effect of mentioning race can be powerfully harmful. It can subject people to unfair treatment based simply on skin color and heritage.”

3 Responses to “Seung Cho as killer, not as Korean killer”

  1. Cho Says:

    Who Else Other Than An Asian Would Have The Name Cho, Seung-Hui? It Does Not Matter That You Say He Was Asian. Get Over Race…Sometime Soon…Please.

  2. wale Says:

    the guy is such an insain person and to prevent something like this in the future should reduce the level at which they protect their children from been punish when they do something silly and parent also have a lot to do in this case
    because this type of case is very rare in Africa

  3. bork Says:

    Cho, I did not say that he was Asian.
    The statement is from the Association.

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