Bush’s slightly disgraceful political opportunism

I disagree with the choice of President Bush and/or his advisers to go make a speech and push himself and the religion of himself or his speech writer(s) on the audience.

UPDATES: (posted after the two comments below were made)

This is the man who hasn’t attended one serviceman’s funeral, but he certainly uses the living ones as political photo-op fodder at every manufactured event he can think up.

On the day of the massacre he had the colossal nerve to say that he and Laura will pray for the victims and their families as will some Americans.

Tell us, George. Who are the “some” Americans who won’t pray for them. The Catholics? The Jews? The Buddists? The Islamists? Or will the only one sending out prayers be the ones who march to your religious views.


It seemed unbecoming, almost, to see US President George W Bush addressing the memorial service at Virginia Tech by decrying violence; and yet he himself is a proponent of the use of violence as a measure to ’solve issues’. Case in point – the US offer to use ‘a display of might’ on Iran during the recent British hostage crisis.


3 Responses to “Bush’s slightly disgraceful political opportunism”

  1. Linda Miller Says:

    I am not a student, but how dare this person impune what President Bush did to help console these people! This obviously came from a non believer in God, and this country is slowly taking God away from every aspect of daily life! No, God did not do this, an angry young man did. God, unfortunately, gave us free will. There were people from all religions at this memorial, andf every single one of these religions have their own God. I do believe in God, and I also believe that my God will help me, and everyone who chooses to ask my, or their own God, for help in greiving and finding some comfort for those affected. God bless everyone involved, the victims AND those still alive. GOD IS HERE TO HELP ANYONE WHO ASKS, beleivers, and non beleivers. You very simply have to ask HIM. I am praying for everyone involved. He is here!

  2. bork Says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    I myself am not anti-God, I just thought it was inappropriate for Bush to imply by his words that his brand/flavor/version of Christianity applied to everyone.

    Maybe in an few days I will have some more time to read some details about the things that he said, so that I can explain myself more completely.

  3. Lucky Says:

    You use religion and love of country to justify efforts of a person who has done wrong?

    Just because he attended the funeral of the V Tech students means very little to the fact that he is responsible for the death of hundreds and thousands of people both American and foreign.

    I find it very disturbing that a person who claims to be Christian some how cares more about the death of 30 virginia tech students over the lives of countless men, women, and children.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve heard people claim to be following the path of their religion and if that may be the case then acknowledge that this is truly a part of your faith, just like slavery is condoned and justified in the Bible so is the actions of killing people out of fear because whether they are a terrorist or a patriot this current war people are dying because of fear… Iraq did nothing to the U.S. yet we’ve killed far more Iraqi’s than terrorists.

    Obviously you want to hide behind religion and faith and not look at “The Facts”, the fact is you don’t want to think beyond your own perspective, I hear you say my God, this country, and you completely eliminate the fact that there are other people and countries out there.

    You don’t sound religious as much as you sound selfish, The reason why religion is being taken out of the US environment, because as much good as it has done it’s done a lot more harm, you remember how the pilgrims fled from Europe to escape religious persecution oddly enough those people who fled ended up becoming the new oppressors using religion as their tool.

    If you truly believe Bush is a great man and his plan for a better future is correct by killing, then you must understand that every other leader who started a killing spree whether you deem them good or evil is directly responsible for where we are today as a world.

    So here you go follow this trail, Thank bush for Iraq, thank Saddam for making Iraq happen, Thank the American government for Making Saddam powerful, Thank Iran for making Saddam need to be powerful, all those situations are equally good or equally bad because one begot the other.

    You attest everything that is good to being a work of God, does that make the devil responsible for all that is evil or does that make God ultimately responsible for creating evil in the first place, is good ultimately responsible for the decisions we make since he gave us free will…

    So god is responsible for both good and bad things, the only difference in what happens is what we decide to use as in our free will, free will meaning nothing to do with god… it is our own decisions…

    You don’t need religion to be successful or to be a failure, you use it how you want to use it, it’s like self esteem, it’s only a concept you choose to let affect you or not…

    Bush has caused a lot of death, showing up for the funeral of 30 people does not absolve him from the deaths that continue even till this day.

    Do some research and think a little deeper and don’t leave each and everything to religion, if you don’t seek answers you will be left wondering why but after the fact. Then again you can always have faith… I’m sure each and every soldier in Iraq has faith… yet they all die the same way… still having faith… and I mean on all sides of the fighting

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