questions about Mobilisa scanners and other such technology

The Port Townsend, Wash., wireless technology company says its handheld electronic scanner can identify within a second whether someone is a fugitive from justice, has a violent criminal past or is a convicted sex offender.

I think that the sentence above may be an exaggeration of capabilities. There is no master list of all convicted sex offenders, for example.

If one of the scanners says that someone was once arrested for committing an act of violence (like Zsa Zsa Gabor or Naomi Campbell for example), what happens next? Would that person person be not allowed into the area; or would the person be watched and followed?
(Remember that not 100 percent of people who are arrested or convicted are actually guilty.)

“It’s a technology whose time has come,” says Nelson Ludlow, Mobilisa’s CEO. He says he came up with the idea for the scanner after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks for use at military bases.

Was he worried that after the idea of crashing airplanes into buildings became more famous that people would take airplanes from military bases and fly them into buildings?

Ludlow says activity on a scanner can be recorded and searched by investigators for law enforcement purposes. The data remain the property of the law enforcement agency using the scanner, he says.

Would the data that a law enforcement agency collects be subject to public records laws? For example could someone request the phone number of every blonde female under age 17 whose card was scanned and get those records?

Could the data be sold to anybody at anytime based on state laws, for example to bill collectors, or to sneaky criminal gangs?
If a police department needed money, could they or would they auction off such data to the highest bidder or mail a DVD containing the collected data to anyone with a credit card?

What is the potential of abuse for such technology?
For example, think about a country were everyone is required to carry an identification card, and then the country’s government changes for the worse.
The new government wants to kill or capture all people in that country of a certain religious, ethnic, or political status, and such data is encoded on the identification cards.


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