Slacker Radio

I was in the kitchen starting to cook something, and I randomly thought of a song that I wanted to hear; an event that hardly ever happens.

I briefly thought about the types of people who would, in a similar situation, get on iTunes and buy the song for 99 cents.
I am not that type of person.

I remembered hearing about a free music service called Slacker.

So I went to, searched the band name, and found two links for the band for some reason.

I clicked on the top one and a seemingly random song by the band started playing. The song was not the one that I wanted to hear, so I pushed the skip/next button, and a song from a different band started playing. A band that I don’t like playing a song that I don’t like. (The bad song was by a band with a similar sound to the band whose song I wanted to hear, however.) Then I hit the next/skip button again and a seemingly unrelated song started playing. I clicked around a bit, but could never find the song that I wanted to hear, so I left.

Also, the entire time that I was at, my browser window was slow and annoying. I realize that it was loading music, but most of the time it was unexpected music that I didn’t want to hear that started loading automatically.

Here’s some advice for future Internet companies: make it simple, fast, and free; unlike Slacker, which was free, but annoying.


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