“Christian” music

When at a “Christian” concert, what type of dress and behavior would you expect to see in the audience?

I do not like the style or music of Jars of Clay.
I think that the current rotating photography on michaelwsmith.com looks like some metrosexual dating site or clothes commercial.

[I have edited this blog post, so the comments below do not match exactly anymore]

2 Responses to ““Christian” music”

  1. thelamp Says:

    What I have a problem with is there is no difference than the secular world. Either they sing vaguely about God or they’re so worldly or they are too busy entertaining Christians rather than reaching the sinner. But, sinners of course wouldn’t buy their CDs and attend their concerts anyway. I think it all stems to do we really care if people are really going to hell or not. http://www.wayofthemaster.com

  2. augustrose Says:

    Hey ya! What kind of music are you looking for? What do you like? I had that same issue with my boys. They liked certain mainstream secular music and I had to go on the hunt for an equivelant in the Christian world.

    In your search, don’t forget the transition between secular and Christian can be awkward because you are changing the message it feeds you. Secular is swamped with love songs, bad relationship songs, and messages that certainly don’t draw you closer to the Lord. They have awesome beats with a message that is seriously lacking life-giving substance.

    When you make the change to Christian it has a different flavor. It should point you to the Lord and help you develop in your relationship with Him. It should lift you up and encourage you. You just don’t find that in secular music. Secular music is exactly that. It comes from the world and feeds you the world’s ideas and influence.

    There’s something out there for you. You just haven’t found it YET. Secular music in and of itself won’t “send you to hell” but it does affect your spiritual growth. What kind of music are you looking for? Maybe we can help you out.

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