Wisconsin politics

Festivus just isn’t the same this year for self-professed “Seinfeld” fanatic Gov. Jim Doyle.

In fact, Doyle said he won’t be recognizing the made-up holiday after Michael Richards, aka Kramer, unleashed a string of racial slurs at black patrons during a recent comedy club appearance.

“Probably like a lot of people, I’m still sorting out my feelings about it all,” Doyle said Friday. “It’s pretty hard for me to watch the show right now.”

Kramer was just one character on the show. Jim Doyle seems hypersensitive.

Doyle’s “Seinfeld” obsession has caught some people around the Capitol off guard.

In a contentious meeting with Republican legislative leaders in January 2005, Doyle quipped, “What is this, Festivus?” A central part of that holiday is the “airing of the grievances.”

Then-Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, later acknowledged he didn’t get the joke.

Since then, Schultz’s staff and other lawmakers have been known to throw “Seinfeld” quips back at the governor. Schultz said at the Republican Party convention last year, “Turns out that Doyle’s a ‘Seinfeld’ fan. Fitting that a ‘Show about Nothing’ would be liked by a ‘Governor about Nothing.'”

Dale Schultz’s comment seems a little bit mean and ridiculous.



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