minor verbal discrimination at Wal-Mart

If you are in a Wal-Mart store that closes at night instead of being open all hours, you may hear an employee using the store sound system to say a closing script that includes something like “drive safely”.

Why does Wal-Mart seemingly assume that all of its customers will be driving an automobile instead of bicycling, walking, wheelchairing, being a passenger in a automobile, or using another form of transportation?

Wal-Mart needs to realize that not all of its customers drive automobiles. Some of its customers are unable to afford automobiles, choose not to drive, or are unable to drive due to medical conditions.


One Response to “minor verbal discrimination at Wal-Mart”

  1. sulz Says:

    hey, don’t sweat the small stuff! i guess the majority of wal-mart’s customers are drivers and the minority not. and going by that, it is the drivers who are most likely to get into an accident than cyclists or others who are more careful on the road, knowing how vulnerable they can be on the road next to a truck or a big car.

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