is NASA part of the US Air Force?

People in the United States often say that NASA is not a part of the US military and that NASA only works on “peaceful” things; but by looking at the personal biographies that NASA has put out for the most recent astronauts, one could get second thoughts about such comments.

*Commander Mark Polansky: US Air Force
*Pilot William Oefelein: US Navy
*Mission Specialist Robert Curbeam: US Navy
*Mission Specialist Joan Higginbotham: “Commendation of Merit for Service to the Department of Defense (DOD) Missions”
*Mission Specialist Nicholas Patrick: Royal Air Force
*Mission Specialist Christer Fuglesang: nothing directly military in NASA bio
*Flight Engineer Sunita Williams: US Navy
*Flight Engineer Thomas Reiter: German Air Force

I think that NASA and the US military are definitely involved with one another.

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