USS George H.W. Bush

From left, President Bush, his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and Northrop Grumman’s Mike Petters watch as Doro Bush Koch christens the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush in Newport News, Va., Saturday, Oct.. 7, 2006. Koch is the daughter of the former president. (AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)


“After our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor, you simply couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t anxious to sign up,”


“The point is that our nation was totally united against the insidious totalitarian threat against freedom,”


The current president said that in the 21st century, “freedom is again under attack and young Americans are volunteering to answer the call.”

Who actually is attacking “freedom”?
Are they actually volunteers if they get paid?

Doro Bush Koch, the elder Bush’s daughter, handled the ritual smashing of a bottle of sparkling wine against the flattop’s bow.

Who paid for the wine?

Four of his fellow Navy pilots from the war traveled to the ceremony, an event the former president called the “third happiest day of his life,” after his wedding and the day when two of his sons were elected governors.

Is it interesting that births are not in the top three?

“This is every naval aviator’s dream,” he said



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